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Providence Health & Services Code of Conduct

May 08, 2019

The Providence Code of Conduct provides us with a set of standards that guides our decision-making and our commitment to "doing the right thing right." This means conducting our business within appropriate ethical, legal and regulatory standards, and complying with Providence’s policies and standards.

Medical Drug Benefit Prior Authorization List

May 03, 2019

For Providence OHP and commercial plan members. View a list of drugs administered under the medical benefit that require prior authorization. 

Formulary changes

May 01, 2019

This document contains changes to formulary information for commercial (individual and family, large and small groups) and Medicaid (Health Share of Oregon) plans.  

Medical travel reimbursement form

April 03, 2019

If you are unable to locate an in-network provider within 50 miles of your home, you may be eligible for reimbursement of certain expenses incurred for travel to the nearest in-network provider within 300 miles from your home. Understand the terms of reimbursement and use this form.

Experimental and Investigational Noncovered Services

April 01, 2019

Experimental/investigational services are those we determine not to be medically necessary or accepted medical practice in the service area. This includes services performed for research purposes. 

Preventive care costs

January 31, 2019
As a Providence Health Plan member, you and your enrolled dependents have access to preventive care services. For most members, many of these services are covered in full when you receive care from in-network providers. See your member materials for specific benefit information. Take a look at the following lists to see what’s covered for you and your enrolled dependents.
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Viewing Page 1 of 27 | Showing Results 1 - 10 of 270