Provider networks

Providence maintains several provider networks. Refer to the list below to find out more about a particular network.

Providence provider networks

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MCO – Workers’ compensation ›

Medicare Advantage ›

PPO – Providence Preferred ›

Medicaid (Oregon Health Plan) ›

Behavioral health ›

Providence Health Plan delegates to United Behavioral Health (UBH), doing business as PBH, to administer behavioral health benefits for our members.

Alternative health

Providence Health Plans delegates administration of alternative care to American Specialty Health (ASH). Providers must be contracted with ASH to be considered participating with Providence Health Plans. For more information, call 888-511-2743 or visit ASH online.

Oral health ›

Oral health is an important part of overall well-being, which is why Providence Health Plan is introducing a suite of dental benefits for our members. Call 855-612-7478 to join our new network.