Quality Review Organizations

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has changed the National Quality Improvement Organization (QI) Program, separating medical case review from quality improvement work. Beginning August 1, 2014, Quality Improvement Work and Technical Assistance, including provider appeals, will be performed by Quality Innovation Network QIO (QIN-QIOs).

Provider appeals will be coordinated by Acumentra Health for Oregon providers, and by Qualis Health for Washington providers.

Acumentra Health Qualis Health
Phone: 503-279-0100
Fax: 503-249-0190

Mailing Address:
Acumentra Health
2020 SW Fourth Ave, Suite 520
Portland, OR 97201-4960

Phone: 1-800-949-7536


Mailing Address:
Qualis Health
PO Box 33400
Seattle, WA 98133