Talk to your patients about mental health

Patients can sometimes overlook the connection between their mental and physical health. As their trusted health care provider, we’d like you to help them make that connection, and let them know that Providence offers resources to help improve their emotional well-being. FitTogether, our new suite of health and wellness programs and services for members, offers multiple opportunities for individuals to find the right fit for them, including:

  • Signing up for a Providence health or wellness class
  • Taking advantage of discounts on stress-relieving activities and classes
  • Partnering with a health coach
  • Finding support with our care management team

Participating in physical activities, such as going for a walk, can lift spirits and improve one’s outlook. Hobbies also provide health benefits, including improved mental focus and connection with individuals who share the same interests. Studies show that individuals engaged in hobbies have a lower risk for dementia and depression.

Visit to explore programs and services available to support your patients' emotional well-being.