Providence part of state commission on medical policy, procedures

Providence Health Plan is among a group of physicians, nurses, health plans and policy organizations whose representatives make up the state-sponsored Health Evidence Review Commission, or HERC. The commission, an outgrowth of the Oregon Health Authority, is designed to develop and recommend evidence-based clinical guidelines as well as conduct evidence-based reviews on new and existing technologies in order to determine the usefulness, safety and cost-effectiveness of certain medical procedures available to public employees.

HERC is the result of the merging earlier this year of two former state commissions – the Health Services Commission and the Health Resources Commission.

HERC is part of a larger, emerging health care movement calling for providers and insurers alike to be more prudent in their use and promotion of certain procedures and devices. Based on information available in the latest published medical studies, the commission votes on whether or not certain procedures make sound medical sense for public employees, with the larger goal to improve the health of, and health care delivery to, Oregon’s employees.

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