Providence Health Plans encourages Medicare members to take advantage of their wellness exam

Providence Health Plans is proud to partner with our primary care providers to offer our Medicare members an annual wellness visit in 2011 aimed at helping them live a healthier life.

For our primary care providers, the annual wellness visit offers your patients an opportunity to meet with you to discuss at greater length their general health and well-being. Providence Health Plans will not charge our members either a copayment or deductible. This exam is part of our members’ preventive benefits.

The appointment, which could last between 45 and 90 minutes, must be performed by a medical doctor, osteopathic physician, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. At the appointment, providers can choose to address the following:

  • Patient’s chronic conditions, including treatment plans and referrals to specialists
  • Patient’s height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure and other routine measurements as deemed appropriate
  • Patient’s medical, family and social history
  • Prescription medications being taken by the patient
  • Any cognitive impairment
  • Patient’s physical activity, as well as functional ability and level of safety
  • Patient’s bladder control
  • Health screening recommendations as well as administration of necessary vaccines

Once the visit is completed, we encourage you to document in your patient’s records the level of care provided, as you will need to submit a copy of your chart notes to substantiate the visit. This is required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

In order to participate, please submit your claim to Providence Health Plans through your regular submission process. In addition, you must also submit your chart notes for review to 503-574-8153, Attn: Annual wellness visit, Providence Health Plans, prior to receiving payment.