Health Share of Oregon’s enrollment surges: Community health a priority

Oregon's largest coordinated care organization (CCO) is increasing access to physical, dental and behavioral health services, especially for the underserved. Here are the latest developments:

ACA Medicaid expansion

As of April 15 Health Share of Oregon had already received 54,549 new members due to the Affordable Care Act expansion, a much larger number than the 12,000 projected in January. This brings Health Share's total membership to 215,080. Health Share staff is working with area health plans to address any problems with accessibility due to the large influx of new members.

Dental integration

In January, Health Share began integrating dental care for its members. Eight dental plans have joined the CCO, and in July Advantage Dental Services will become the ninth. The CCO now has 18,000 providers, including more than 900 dentists.

Community collaborations

Coordinated care organizations were designed to work locally so that providers, clinics, hospitals and others can work together to improve community health. Health Share’s Community Health Improvement Plan for 2014/2015 will specifically focus on the areas of behavioral health and chronic disease management.

Health Share is also currently involved with several community health partnerships, including the Future Generations Collaborative, in which the Multnomah County Health Department and the Native American community work to address substance use in pregnancy, and an expansion of the Healthy Homes Partnership, which focuses on environmental contributors to asthma, to Clackamas and Washington counties.

Health Share also recently received funding to launch a Forensic Assertive Community Treatment program with Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare and Multnomah County to offer help with housing and employment for adults with severe mental illness who are in frequent contact with the justice system.

Learn more about clinical and community health initiatives at Health Share of Oregon.