Our website is getting a fresh look and feel

We are at our best when we inspire others. When we get our members motivated to take meaningful action to improve their health. And when we get you, our valued providers, involved in helping spread the message that’s so much a part of your vocation and heart: healthy is a way of life.

On Jan. 22, you’ll notice a pretty big change to our website’s look and feel. The content will stay largely the same, but the way it’s packaged will be quite different. We are making it easier for you to access the information that’s important to you, and we’re focused on telling the stories that matter to you.

As part of this online change, we also are introducing our improved population health management solution, FitTogether™. For employers, we’re calling out the programs and services that make us a great health care partner – from our systems of care to workforce wellness, and cost and quality initiatives. And we’re encouraging our members to find their fit – to find the type of healthy that works for them, whether at home or work, with family or friends, or in the larger community.

You are part of what makes Providence a great fit for our members and employers alike. And we value your partnership in our collective journey to better health. We look forward to finding our fit together.