Providence participates in back program

Providence Health Plans offers patients access to a physical therapist without a referral within 48 hours for low back pain as part of an initiative aimed at reducing time loss from work, cutting costs and improving patient satisfaction. The initiative is in partnership with Oregon Health Leadership Council, and has been implemented by most Oregon insurers.

Nearly 80 percent of individuals with low back pain have uncomplicated cases that can be treated effectively through early intervention and self-management. This initiative will help control medical costs while increasing patient satisfaction.

As part of the initiative, participating physical therapists offer patients:

  • A short, seven-question screening questionnaire
  • Access to a physical therapist within 48 business hours
  • An initial evaluation, between 30 and 45 minutes
  • A maximum of four, 30-minute visits
  • Referral to a primary care physician if the patient requires more than four visits
  • Self-management techniques and exercises to improve function

The program's availability is subject to a patient's specific benefit with Providence Health Plans. You may refer patients experiencing low back pain to for more information or to find a physical therapist.