Update on renewals for groups sized 1-50

As renewals roll out this fall, we wanted to clarify and explain the renewal options different groups will be offered, depending on their current medical plan.

Employer groups on 2012 plans (grandmothered or transitional groups)

Many employer groups chose to keep their 2012 health plans through 2014. Providence Health Plan is pleased to announce that groups currently on a grandmothered 2012 plan will have the opportunity to keep their plan as described below. The process for groups with a January 1 renewal date differs from those with renewal dates of October 1 – December 1.

  • Groups currently on a 2012 plan, with current coverage expiring 12/31/14
    • Option 1: keep the current grandmothered plan through 12/31/15
    • Option 2: renew onto a 2015 plan on 1/1/15 with a 1/1/16 renewal date
  • Groups with 10/1 to 12/1/14 renewal dates
    • Option 1: keep the grandmothered plan with current renewal date
    • Option 2: renew to a 2014 plan with current renewal date

Employer groups on 2014 plans

Groups on 2014 plans with renewal dates starting January 1 will be notified that their plans are being discontinued and will be offered a 2015 plan.

  • All employers on 2014 plans will receive a discontinuance notice within their renewal letter
  • Groups will be cross-walked to the closest 2015 plan
  • Renewals will be sent on the regular renewal schedule

Producers will receive a copy of the renewal letters for their clients prior to the employer receiving their renewal communication from Providence.

Questions? Please contact your account executive directly or call our sales team line at 503-574-6300 or toll free at 1-877-245-4077.