Compensation Increases for Producers

The updated compensation schedule is included in Providence Health Plan’s producer compensation plan with attachment B. Key features of the revised agent compensation plan include:
  • A 3.5 percent increase in per-member-per-month compensation for groups with 200 or fewer members
  • A continuation of the new group bonus program to recognize the added effort it takes to enroll a new group
  • Information on earning and maintaining a Providence Health Plan producer appointment

Please take this opportunity to review the details of our producer compensation plan (PDF), which is designed to foster long-term relationships with successful producers. If you haven’t already, you might also take this opportunity to sign up for direct deposit for your commission check by returning a completed commission direct deposit form.

Thank you for your business with Providence Health Plan. If you have questions about your appointment with us, please contact Becky Mihelich at 503-574-7465 or your Providence Health Plan account manager.