Providence health care networks

When your clients self-fund with Providence, strategically pair the plan with one of these Providence networks. Both provide in-network access to providers members know and trust while helping your clients manage their program budget.

Providence Signature Network

  • Most commonly selected network for ASO plans
  • Broadest selection of providers
  • Nearly 1 million in network providers
  • More than 350,000 in network specialist nationwide
  • More than 10,000 specialists in Oregon and Washington
signature network map

Providence Choice Network

  • Greater cost control than Providence Signature Network
  • Encourages use of in-network providers
  • More than 275 primary care medical homes that are certified by the Oregon Health Authority for quality and savings
  • In most Oregon and select Washington counties
choice network map

Providence Extend PPO Network


Available to groups with 51 or more employees, the Extend PPO Network gives members access to many providers and facilities.