Multiple Option plans

Effectively balancing the needs and interests of multiple employee groups with the requirements of your client's business through a single benefit plan can be challenging.

Providence's Multiple Option plans give you the flexibility to offer your client's employees a choice of two plans while ensuring your benefits package aligns with the needs of your business. This means thousands of unique plan combinations that span the entire range of budget and coverage needs as well as greater benefit choices for your client's employees.


  • Available for large group employers, with 51+ employees in Oregon and southwest Washington.
  • Choice of up to three plans, subject to Underwriting approval.
  • No minimum enrollment required.
  • The employer must contribute a minimum of 50 percent of the single rate.
  • A pharmacy product must be selected.
  • When a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan is chosen as one of the medical plans, any pharmacy product can be paired with the other medical plan.

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