HSA Qualified plans

These high-deductible health plans give members affordable coverage and the flexibility to choose any provider. They also help members save for future health care needs via a tax-advantaged health savings account. Members can keep this account even if they change employers.

Advantages for your clients

  • Tax advantages, health care cost savings and flexibility
  • Savings on payroll taxes if employees contribute to their HSA accounts
  • Employees are motivated to make better health care decisions and use their health care dollars more prudently, ultimately lowering health costs over time

Advantages for members

In addition to robust coverage, an HSA Qualified plan gives members more flexibility and control over how they spend their health care dollars. They also get a triple tax advantage:

  • All contributions they make to their HSA accounts are pre-tax
  • Funds in their accounts earn tax-free interest
  • Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are tax-free

Plan features

  • Provider choice in and out of the Providence Signature Network
  • Specialist visits without a referral
  • Most visits subject to the deductible helping manage premiums
  • Plan designs with combined or separate in and out-of-network deductible and out-of-pocket maximums
  • In-network preventive care covered in full before the deductible
  • A safe harbor provision enabling members to take advantage of periodic health screenings, routine prenatal and well-child care, immunizations and more without disrupting the minimum deductible requirement
  • Coverage for Providence ExpressCare. ExpressCare Virtual is our web-based health care service offering convenient video visits with a care provider from a smartphone, tablet or computer without an appointment. ExpressCare clinic services are also a covered benefit and available at a number of clinic locations.
  • Integrated health savings account administered through HealthEquity, simplifying employee account set up and contributions
  • A seamless member experience for tracking and paying HSA qualified plan expenses through integrated claims processing, available with HealthEquity

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To administer its health savings accounts, Providence has partnered with HealthEquity, the nation's oldest and largest dedicated health savings trustee. This partnership:

  • Streamlines the set-up and enrollment process.
  • Provides employees integrated access to a Web portal with real-time account balance information, transaction history, statements and a simple interface to manage claims and payments.
  • Provides strong support for employers, including integrated billing, account utilization reporting and 24/7 access to the client services team.

Workforce wellness included

The FitTogether™ suite of programs and services, including health coaching, encourages better health, greater productivity and a more engaged workforce.

Greater flexibility through pairing health plans

Providence's multi-plan option gives you the flexibility to offer your client's employees a choice of plans while ensuring your benefits package aligns with the needs of your client's business.

Value-added services and buy-up options

Rounding out these health plan benefits is your opportunity to seamlessly integrate other Providence services and benefits.

Benefit highlights

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