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Connect plans combine a medical home model of care with a tailored provider network to achieve substantial premium savings. Members choose a medical home from our Providence Connect Network. The medical home model provides a team of health professionals dedicated to your overall well-being. Connect plans offer:

  • More than 70 medical home clinics in Portland metro, Hood River and Newberg
  • Access to specialists via referral from the medical home
  • No out-of-network benefits are included with this plan. You must use an in-network provider to receive benefits except for emergency and urgent care services.
  • Pediatric dental coverage and the option to add family dental coverage with the Providence Progressive Dental Plan, as long as you buy directly from Providence or an insurance producer

Benefit summaries

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Cost-sharing ranges for in-network benefits

PCP Copay*  $45 - $65
Coinsurance Silver plan: 30%
Bronze plan: Covered in full after the deductible is paid
OOP Maximum $7,900 - $15,800
Deductible $2,500 - $15,800
Rx Preferred Generic Copay* $20 - $35
Rx Preferred Brand Silver plan: $75 copay*
Bronze plan: Covered in full after deductible is paid
Rx Preferred Specialty Silver plan: 50% with a $200 per script cap
Bronze plan: Covered in full after the deductible is paid

* Deductible waived

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