Canopy plans

Members on the Canopy plan receive a $1,000 in-network defined health benefit to use for many common health care needs, from primary care and alternative care visits to urgent care and outpatient rehabilitative physical therapy, all covered in full – no out-of-pocket costs. For other health care needs, or once a member reaches $1,000 in eligible health care services, standard insurance coverage kicks in and services are subject to deductible and coinsurance.

Plan features

  • The Providence Signature Network – our national network with nearly 1 million providers nationwide
  • A $1,000 defined benefit for everyday health needs  
  • Fully covered Express Care Clinic and Express Care Virtual visits
  • Separate in and out of network deductible and out-of-pocket maximum 
  • Pediatric dental coverage 
  • Adult vision coverage 
  • Up to 10 combined chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture visits per year (out-of-pocket maximum doesn’t apply)

Plan design options

PCP Copay 50%
Coinsurance 0% - 50%
OOP Maximum $7,350
Deductible $5,500 - $7,350
Rx Preferred Generic Copay* $25
Rx Non-Preferred Generic Copay* $45 
Rx Preferred Brand Copay* $75
Rx Non-Preferred Brand* 50%
Rx Specialty 50%

* Deductible waived

How Canopy plans work

  • Canopy plan members can use this $1,000 in-network defined benefit to access in-network health care for common health services, such as primary care, alternative care or specialist office visits as well as urgent care, outpatient rehabilitation and lab and x-rays.
  • Once a plan member reaches $1,000 in covered in-network health care expenses, common insurance coverage is in place.
  • At that point, in-network and out-of-network care is covered at 50% after meeting the plan’s deductible.

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