Health plans for groups sized 51+

Providence Health Plan offers a breadth of health insurance products and plan design options, along with important supplemental services, that let your clients build a comprehensive benefits program addressing your clients' specific needs – both now and as your clients' businesses evolve.

All plans include coverage for Providence Express Care, both virtual and clinic visits, at no cost.* Providence Express Care Virtual offers employees the convenience of live video visits with a doctor or nurse practitioner using a computer, smartphone or tablet – with no appointment and virtually no waiting. Express Care clinics provide fast and convenient care in a clinic setting; they’re open 12 hours every day, seven days a week.

* Members on an HSA-Qualified plan must first meet their plan’s deductible to have Express Care visits covered in full. Ancillary services, such as laboratory tests, may apply additional cost-shares. 

Option Advantage

Option plans provide a premier level of coverage with full access to the Providence Signature Network and out-of-network providers. These plans are easy to use and offer predictable costs for members. Enhancements are available to ensure your clients are offering the right benefits for their business and employees.

HSA Qualified

These high-deductible health plans give members affordable coverage and the flexibility to choose any provider in or out of the national Providence Signature Network. They also help members save for future health care needs via a tax-advantaged health savings account. Members can keep this account even if they change employers.


The Canopy plan is a defined benefit plan. Members on this plan receive a $1,000 defined health benefit to use for many common health care needs, from PCP to alternative care visits to urgent care and outpatient rehabilitative physical therapy, all covered in full – no out-of-pocket costs – up to $1,000. For other health care needs or once a member reaches $1,000 in eligible health care services, standard insurance coverage kicks in and services are covered after the deductible and coinsurance.


Choice plans use a collaborative medical home model that provides members a team of health professionals dedicated to each member's overall well-being. Members select a medical home from the Providence Choice Network at the time of enrollment. The medical home team then works collaboratively to support all aspects of a member's health, from wellness and prevention to active management of chronic conditions.


Connect plans combine a medical home model of care with a tailored provider network to achieve substantial premium savings. Members select a medical home from our Portland metro-area Providence Connect network. The medical home model provides a team of health professionals dedicated to the members overall well-being. Medical home team members work collaboratively to support all aspects of a member’s health, from wellness and prevention to active management of chronic conditions.

Provider networks

Providence has developed specific provider networks that align and support the objectives of each plan, ultimately working toward our shared goal – keeping members healthy while controlling costs.

Supplemental services

In addition to medical plans, Providence offers a full complement of health plan options, including pharmacy plans, chiropractic plans, dental plans and vision plan options to round out your client's benefit program – giving them everything they need to build a comprehensive and competitive benefits program. Integral to each Providence health plan is the FitTogether™ suite of programs and services that encourage better health, greater productivity and a more engaged workforce.

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