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Plans to fit any business

From platinum to bronze you can choose from a wide variety of plan types with a range of deductibles to meet the needs of any business.  New this year is the Total Enhanced plan, which provides premium coverage and broad choice, and two optional dental coverage plans, Essential Access Dental and Advantage Access Dental.

We offer 35 plans with a range of networks and multiple option arrangements to enable employee choice, cost transparency and engagement in the purchasing process. Supplemental administrative services are also available.

Group medical plans

Total Enhanced

With the most robust level of coverage, our new Total Enhanced plans offer members best-in-class benefits with full access to the Providence Signature Network for the ultimate flexibility. 


Total plans pair great benefits with full access to the Providence Signature Network so employees get the coverage they want.  


Our Balance plans offer a balance of cost-saving features and coverage for the services your clients' employees use the most. With excellent benefits at an affordable premium, this classic plan design is straightforward but flexible. 

HSA Qualified

Paired with a tax-exempt savings account, HSA Qualified plans combine health coverage with the ability to save pre-tax dollars to pay for future health care expenses.


Using a collaborative care model, Choice plans put the member at the center of care, supported by a team of expert health professionals who coordinate all aspects of their health within the medical home they select.


Using a member-selected medical home, Connect plans provide a collaborative and flexible approach to meet a wide range of health and wellness needs for members in the Portland metropolitan area.


Defined by the state of Oregon, Standard plans offer greater choice in both coverage and cost.

Providence has developed specific provider networks that align and support the objectives of each plan.

In addition to medical plans, Providence offers a full complement of value added services that give you everything you need to help your clients build a comprehensive benefits program.

Integral to each Providence health plan is the FitTogether™ suite of programs and services that encourage better health, greater productivity and a more engaged workforce.

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