Health Engagement Model 2014


HEM 2014 is in its third year, and it’s making a difference. Enrolled health plan members are getting healthier. Health costs are stabilizing. For instance, in 2014, premium rates for PEBB self-insured health plans will be slightly lower than in 2013, Congratulations; you are making a difference. See the survey results reported in The Lund Report.

Participate in 2014 HEM Participation

Congratulations for deciding to participate in the 2014 HEM. We hope you’ll find better health and wish you success. HEM is not just about controlling costs – although that’s part of it. HEM is also about giving you information to become healthier. Once you have information about your health status, we’ll provide tools that are easy to find and use to help you minimize your health risks and take your health to the next level.

Success in HEM 2014

If you signed up for the 2014 HEM, take two steps this year – that’s all – to be successful:

  1. You and your enrolled spouse/domestic partner complete the confidential personal health assessment. Log in to myProvidence and select the personal health assessment.
  2. Engage in two health-improvement actions – anything that gets you involved with your health. Examples include:

The activity list is nearly limitless. Have questions? Learn more about HEM by reading answers to frequently asked questions.

Health Engagement Model toolkit