Save time by reducing paperwork

August 01, 2017

Did you know you can view your Explanation of Benefits online? It’s true. And easy too – just log in to your myProvidence account and choose View Your Claims (under Quick Links). You can also choose not to have paper copies mailed to you by simply opting out.

Opt out of receiving paper EOBs:

  1. Sign in to From the landing page, by “Let’s Be Paper Free,” click “OPT OUT” (or, from the left navigation, under “My Account,” choose “Communication Preferences”).
  2. Click “Legal Agreement Required.” Read the agreement, then click “Accept.”
  3. Click the checkbox under “Online Only,” then click “Save.”

If you don’t have a myProvidence account, go and click “Register” to get started.

Online EOB delivery is currently only available for medical claims. Please note you may still receive other EOBs in the mail, including dental, mental health or chemical dependency and alternative care. Online EOB delivery is not available for Providence Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicaid/OHP members.