Changes to your Explanation of Benefits

You wanted simple claims information and less paper. We heard you.

The Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is changing. You’re going to like what you see. 

Sample EOB – coming soon.

What to expect: Less paper, more information, easier to read

Beginning in October, EOBs will show all your claims processed during a two-week period.

How it works

Say you go to the doctor, have some lab work completed, and see a specialist. And, all three claims are processed during the same two-week period.*

  • Prior to the redesign: You’d receive three separate EOBs in three separate envelopes.
  • After the redesign: You’ll receive one EOB in one envelope. 

What if you only go to the doctor? Your EOB will mail two-weeks after the claim is processed.

What isn’t changing?

Your EOB is available in myProvidence even if you still get EOBs in the mail.

If you have opted-out of paper EOBs, you’ll get an email notifying you when a new one is available in myProvidence. If you haven’t opted out of paper EOBs, the system won’t send you an email notification, but your information will still be available within myProvidence before it reaches you in the mail. Just log in!

Tip: Still too much paper? Go online only when you opt-out of paper Explanations of Benefits altogether. Just follow the prompts under Communication Preferences within myProvidence. 

*The two-week period begins the day the first claim is processed. Explanations of Benefits are mailed at the end of the two-week cycle.