ProvRN provides care advice 24/7

Health issues don't fit neatly into a 9 to 5 schedule – and neither should your access to health information. Providence Health Plan members can call ProvRN around the clock to ask questions about their health.

How to reach ProvRN

  1. Call 800-700-0481 or 503-574-6520.
  2. Have your member number available.
This service is available exclusively to Providence Health Plan members. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

What to expect

When you call ProvRN, our registered nurses talk with you about your symptoms and help you figure out your next steps for care. It's free and available when you need it.

Calls are addressed based on urgency. An intake specialist will ask a few initial questions, and a nurse will call you back as soon as possible if someone isn't immediately available.

When to call

Providence nurses are ready to listen to your health concern and recommend your best course of action. Do you have a sick newborn and need advice? Or maybe you're not feeling well, but you're unsure whether or not to seek medical care. Stop worrying and start dialing – call ProvRN.

ProvRN isn't only for when you're ill; we care, too, about keeping you and your family healthy. Call us with general health questions or to ask about a health story that ran on the evening news. Sometimes, you just need to bounce a health question off someone, and our nurses are here to listen and provide answers.

ProvRN can save you time and money

ProvRN can help you get the right care the first time. Our nurses will let you know the best place to get care – or if you even need to see a physician. Depending on your situation, treatment options may include home care, follow-up care with your primary care provider, or a trip to immediate care or the emergency department. Don't waste precious time and money guessing – call ProvRN 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you get answers, and the care that's right for you and your family.

ProvRN gets thumbs up from members

  • 95.3 percent are very satisfied or satisfied with ProvRN overall
  • 97.5 percent would use ProvRN again
  • 96.2 percent would recommend ProvRN to others

Source: SPH Analytics, 2019 Nurse Line Call Satisfaction Survey