myProvidence overview

Your gateway to benefit information and tools for better health

myProvidence is your 24/7 secure member website. Get to know all the features of myProvidence and how it can help you take steps – every day – to improve your health, whatever healthy looks like to you. Register for and log in to your secure account to:
  • Create a personal health record. We've already done most of the work by populating your record using claims data. With a personal health record, you can easily store and track medical information, including your medical history. You can also enter additional information to build a personal health profile.
  • Print a complete summary of your health record. Take it with you when you have a new patient office visit.
  • Get better acquainted with your current health status by taking a personal health assessment. A personal health assessment is a confidential health questionnaire that can identify potential health concerns. Plus, when you're done, you'll receive a summary of key health areas to focus on along with a manageable action plan customized to meet your lifestyle and personal health needs.
  • Chart key health measurements with personal health trackers. Track important health numbers such as your blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.
  • Explore expert health education resources. Watch, listen and learn with interactive health conversations – friendly tutorials that can motivate you to make simple, every day changes.
  • Before receiving care, use the treatment cost estimator to learn about a facility or doctor and the estimated costs of your treatment. You can also compare medical facilities to make sure you’re getting the best care at the best price. The costs are customized to you based on your Providence medical plan, the providers in your plan’s network and how much you’ve accumulated toward your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.  
  • Get to know your benefits by reviewing your benefit summary and member handbook.
  • View your and your family's medical and pharmacy claims history. The claims history allows you to easily identify the health care services you received as well as when and where you received them.
  • Receive accurate benefit calculations, including how much you've met of your calendar year deductible, how much you've paid of your out-of-pocket maximums and remaining service amounts for benefits that have limits. You'll also be able to stay aware of your health account transactions and balances.
  • Order a replacement member ID card.
With myProvidence, you'll be on track to make more informed decisions for your health and wallet.