You are more than the sum of your body mass index and your deductible. You are defined by the moments and memories of your unique life. And whatever your life's next adventure, we'll be by your side.

Thank you for choosing Providence Health Plan. We're happy to serve you and partner with you in your health journey.

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When Evan got back his test results from a routine doctor's visit, he panicked: His blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol put him in the danger zone. Evan put down the ice cream and remote and got serious about saving his bacon. His doctor wrote him a prescription for cholesterol medication – and the gym. With great fitness discounts through Providence Health Plan, Evan shaved a hefty sum off his total gym bill. And through myProvidence, Evan stayed accountable to his numbers with helpful online tracking tools.

Evan went from self-sabotage to self-starter in less than two weeks, fueled by the abundant resources available to help him fit his pieces of healthy together. It's not just health care, it's how we care. To us, you're more than just a number – but your numbers matter, too.

Go to myProvidence.com to take your personal health assessment today. Also, check out FitTogetherTM – a suite of programs and services designed to help you find your fit, at home, work, with family and friends. From managing stress and other health conditions to recreational discounts and recipes, you'll find what you need to find your fit. Members also receive discounts on cultural activities, Providence-offered classes, gym memberships, acupuncture, massage therapy, LASIK and hearing aids.

What our members are saying

"I have been in the marketing business for many years and, in addition, have had a counseling practice for the past 40 years. I have never experienced such stellar customer service as what Josh provided to me. I was so impressed with his sincere wish to do a great job for me. His professional demeanor and compassion was so very much appreciated. Very few people these days have his qualities, especially in the workplace. Thank you for easing my way."

"They have always been so helpful and friendly and represent the best health plan on the planet."

"Every time I call Providence (and I call a lot), the reps are always friendly and knowledgeable and I am confident I am getting the right answers."

"As a new, first-time mom, it was reassuring to know that nurses were available to answer any of my questions. Getting the check-in phone calls from them was so nice, especially the reminders of taking care of myself. I wish every new mom could get this level of care."

Providence: How We Care

Veteran Oregon journalist Mike Donahue hosts a video series for Providence, sharing our stories of health and hope.