Make the most of your health plan benefits

The following tips can help you save when you receive care:

Tip 1: Use your preventive care benefits; certain services are covered in full.

Your plan covers certain preventive services in full when received from an in-plan provider. 

Tip 2: Choose in-network providers and pharmacies.

Refer to the online provider directory to locate in-network providers and participating pharmacies.

Tip 3: Choose generic medications, use mail-order services and have certain medications prior authorized before they are filled.

Purchase up to a 90-day supply of maintenance drugs using a participating mail-order pharmacy or preferred retail pharmacy. Not all drugs are considered maintenance prescriptions, including compounded drugs, drugs from specialty pharmacies and oncology drugs.

Tip 4: Know what services need to be authorized before you receive care.

Certain services require prior authorization, meaning that before you receive care, the service must be authorized by Providence Health Plan. Refer to your member materials to learn more about prior authorization.