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Man taking picture of himself, wife and babyYour health matters!

SAIF and Providence Health Plan are partnering to bring you quality, comprehensive health care benefits that are designed with your and your family’s health needs in mind. SAIF has designed your health care plans; Providence, as your health plan administrator, will administer these plans and provide you resources to help meet your health goals. We look forward to providing you with excellent customer service and friendly resources that are easy to find and use.

Your health benefits

As a Providence Health Plan member enrolled in a Providence Open Option plan, count on comprehensive in-plan benefits and providers when and where you need them. Highlights of your medical and prescription drug plans include:

  • Provider choice. With nearly one-million providers in our national network, it's easy to find a doctor wherever you live and where you travel. You can receive care from in-plan providers and/or out-of-plan providers. When you receive care from in-plan providers, you’ll usually pay less for these services.
  • Access to specialist without a referral. You can see a specialist without a referral.
  • Preventive care benefits covered in full as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, meaning you don’t have to pay a copay when you receive these services.
  • Behavioral health concierge is available for same day or next day access to counseling with dedicated behavioral health providers, and digital cognitive behavioral therapy through SilverCloud. Please call 877-744-WELL (877-744-9355) to schedule an appointment from 7am-8pm, 7 days a week. Learn more.

Benefit information

Get to know your benefits and make the most of Providence Health Plan resources throughout the year.

New members

As a new Providence Health Plan member with SAIF, we can help you:

Health and wellness

Take small steps every day that can make a big difference to your health.