Use preventive care benefits to stay well

Maintain your good health for a lifetime. Sound too good to be true? Maybe. But, maybe not. The best approach to staying healthy for life is to prevent illness from ever beginning. Here are some tips to prevent illness:

Prevention tip 1: Stay healthy with healthy habits every day

  • Sleep at least seven hours each night
  • Eat wholesome, nutrient-rich foods
  • Battle Your Exercise Excuses in whatever way, shape or form you choose; there are so many benefits
  • Laugh to improve your health
  • Enjoy sugar, salt and alcohol, if you want, but enjoy in moderation
  • Avoid tobacco and destructive substances by aspiring to be a quitter

Prevention tip 2: Stay healthy by using your health plan's preventive care benefits

Preventive care enables you to understand your health or potential health risks before a more serious health issue shows up. It's much easier – and far less expensive – to ward off health problems rather than to try to cure them once they show up. Preventive care may include physical exams, immunizations, laboratory tests and other types of screenings. Take a look at the preventive care that's covered in full by your health plan.

Make the most of your life, your health. Use your preventive care benefits to help you stay well.