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2018 benefits

The following provide highlights of your 2018 plan benefits.

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2017 benefits

The following provide highlights of your 2017 plan benefits.

Seeing a specialist? Access care from select specialists and pay less out of pocket

If you are enrolled in either the Health Reimbursement or Health Savings medical plan, your out of pocket costs will be lower when you receive care from a Providence Health & Services specialist or a Providence-affiliated specialist. This means that after you meet your calendar year deductible, you'll pay 10 percent and Providence Health Plan will pay 90 percent of the cost of specialty care visits. Specialists include cardiologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, and a number of other specialists who provide specialty care.

To find a Providence or Providence-affiliated specialist:

  1. Visit the online provider directory.
  2. Search by member ID number for best results or enter as a visitor (click on browse by provider networks).
    If you enter as a visitor:
    • Under the Choose plan type drop down menu, select Specific employer groups.
    • Under Choose provider network, select your employer and region then click on the Search button (i.e., PH&S Oregon Employee Plan).
  3. Choose Find a care provider then select Specialists.
  4. Click on the box that indicates the type of specialist you need to see.
  5. On the Specialist Search Results page, check the Providence/Swedish Providers & Locations box (located on the bottom left of the page), then click on the Update Filters button.

These benefit summaries and SBCs do not describe the savings account associated with the medical plan nor do they list the possible financial incentive that Providence will contribute to the account if you choose to complete certain healthy activities by the given deadline. We encourage you to learn more about these types of savings accounts and what incentives may be available to you.