Connect America medical alert

Connect America medical alert gives individuals of all ages access to personal support and emergency assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's ideal for those recuperating at home from illness or surgery and for the elderly or physically challenged who want to remain and live more independently in their own homes.

How it works

Connect America subscribers can press a lightweight, waterproof call button, worn around their neck or on their wrist, whenever they need assistance. Subscribers may select either a home-based or mobile device. If using the home-based system, the button activates a small in-home unit called a communicator. An emergency response associate responds immediately and helps determine what kind of help is needed. Depending on the need, the emergency response associate may call an ambulance or a neighbor for assistance. With the mobile service, once the button is pressed, the subscriber has direct, two-way communication with an emergency response associate. The communicator can also be activated through an auto alert fall detection technology.

What it costs

The program requires a one-time installation fee and monthly charge. Please contact Connect America for more information at 503-476-3013 or 1-877-988-6769. Providence Medicare Advantage Plans members receive a discount.

Medicare does not cover the cost of Connect America services. Medicaid may pay for the service if you qualify; please discuss with your case manager. Connect America does offer financial assistance for subscribers who do not have the ability to pay.

Website is current as of 9/10/2020