Resolve to put yourself first this year

PEBB and Providence Health Plan invite you to make this year your time to quit using tobacco. Sounds tough. You’re right – it is. But with support and encouragement, you can find the confidence you need to be successful. We know it won’t be easy, but we’re here to help: taking advantage of the free resources available to you through Providence Health Plan can stack the odds in your favor. Choose you this year.

These steps can help you quit

Check that you’re ready.

Know your triggers. Identifying your triggers can help you avoid them or help you be strong in the face of temptation.

Tell others and get support.

Use resources.

  • Quit For Life. A quit coach can help you design a plan for quitting that works for you. Many quit programs include free nicotine replacement. Enroll online or call 866-QUIT.4.LIFE (866-784-8454)
  • Providence smoking cessation classes. A Providence Smoking Cessation class is designed to help you quit smoking for good, and offers you a systematic approach to quitting through behavior modification techniques, coping skills, social support, and information on weight management, stress management and the role of medication.

Keep in mind: You’re not alone. 

Understand the real benefits of quitting.

The benefits to your pocketbook and your health are huge. Here’s a peek at what you get when you give up tobacco:

  • $200 more bucks a month
  • Better sense of smell (and you’ll smell better, too)
  • Better respiration
  • Fewer coughing fits – and eventually, none at all
  • Whiter teeth
  • Nicer skin
  • Real confidence

Plus, there’s more. The benefits of quitting begin in as little as 20 minutes

The real health benefits of quitting smoking begin within 20 minutes of smoking your last cigarette – probably less time than it takes you to get to work in the morning. Just think, in the time it takes you to get from your home to work, you’ll have lower blood pressure. And by the time you leave work to return home, you’ll have a near-normal carbon monoxide level. Within one year, you’ll also experience:

  • Improved circulation and lung function
  • Fewer coughing episodes and better breathing capacity
  • A lower risk of coronary heart disease; yours drops to half the risk of a smoker’s risk

Begin today. Take a step and tap into any of these resources to start putting you first this year!