The anti-stressor

We all know that life can be full of stressors. The following are tips to minimize stress and maximize joy:

  • Begin the day with a solid breakfast. People who eat a good breakfast have better school and work performance and an easier time maintaining healthy weight or losing excess weight.
  • Keep good food handy. Bring your own lunch to school and work and have snacks with protein and good fat along with fruits and vegetables easily accessible.
  • Sidestep liquid calories. Juices, sweet drinks, and alcohol are major contributors to weight gain, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • Maintain a consistent daily routine – sit down, even if only briefly to eat something three times a day, and take activity breaks frequently.
  • Get some exercise every day, even if it's only for 10 to 20 minutes. Remember, in Oregon, there's no bad weather – just bad gear.
  • Sleep is a nutrient – poor sleep (generally considered fewer than seven hours) is associated with obesity, diabetes, increased coronary calcification, decreased immunity.
  • Be joyful – it's the anti-stress plan. Be kind to yourself and choose to smile.

Now's a great time to give attention to your mental health. Mental health – how we think, act, and cope with life and life's stressors and challenges – are part of the human experience, influencing the ways we look at ourselves, our lives, and those around us. Our mental health strongly influences our potential for achieving goals and obtaining and maintaining a feeling of well-being. Learn some tips to live well and to flourish.