Minimize stress, maximize joy

Life is full of stressors. Here are some helpful tips to treat yourself well: 

  • Begin the day with a solid breakfast. Individuals who eat a good breakfast perform better at work and school. A good breakfast also helps with weight management.
  • Keep good food handy. Pack your lunch and snacks for the day to help ensure protein and good fat, along with fruits and vegetables, are easily accessible.
  • Sidestep liquid calories. Juices, sweet drinks, and alcohol are major contributors to weight gain, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • Maintain a consistent daily routine – sit down, even if only briefly, to eat something three times a day. Take activity breaks frequently.
  • Get some exercise every day, even if it's only 10 to 20 minutes worth. Remember, in Oregon, there's no bad weather – just bad gear.
  • Sleep is a nutrient – poor sleep (generally considered fewer than seven hours) is associated with obesity, diabetes, increased coronary calcification, decreased immunity.
  • Be kind to yourself; smile.