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PEBB Statewide providers

More than 19,000 providers in Oregon and bordering areas participate in the network for PEBB's Statewide Plan. Chances are that your doctor is in our PEBB network. Through the Statewide Plan, you'll enjoy:

  • Access to 58 of the top hospitals in Oregon, southwest Washington and west-central Idaho
  • An extensive national network of providers, throughout all 50 states
  • Choice of providers, including specialists, without a referral
  • Alternative care, including acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathic care, available from your choice of provider
  • In-plan access to OHSU and Doernbecher hospitals, clinics and physicians
  • In-plan coverage for trauma, burns, high-risk obstetrics and a limited number of pediatric services at Legacy hospitals
  • Continued coverage for services from out-of-network providers

Finding a doctor is easy and convenient. Use our provider directory and select "find a doctor". If you need assistance finding your doctor, e-mail us.

If your doctor is interested in participating in the network, he or she may contact us at one of the following phone numbers:

  • Medical providers: 888-568-2482
  • Behavioral health providers: 800-711-4577

Will you or one of your covered family members be traveling outside the United States sometime soon? You'll be glad to know you'll still be covered at the in-plan level for medically necessary services. See our list of frequently asked questions about your international coverage, and before you go, make sure to download our international claim form (PDF).