Welcome, PEBB Statewide plan members

The PEBB Statewide plan is a PPO plan. The PEBB Statewide plan allows you to access care from primary care providers, specialists and pharmacies of your choice without a referral, from a network of nearly 1 million providers nationwide. You pay less for in-network services, more for out-of-network services.

Plan features

  • Full access to the nationwide Providence Signature Network, with approximately one million providers (includes OHSU)
  • No referral requirements
  • Coverage for medically necessary services when traveling internationally
  • No-cost care visits through Providence Express Care retail clinics, Providence Express Care Virtual and e-Visits (where available)
  • Pay less out-of-pocket for certain health care services when receiving care from an Oregon Health Authority-approved patient-centered primary care home 

Extra savings

PEBB Statewide plan members can pay less out-of-pocket for certain health care services when care is received at an OHA-approved patient-centered primary care home, also referred to as a PCPCH (i.e., a health clinic recognized by the Oregon Health Authority for their commitment to quality, coordinated care).

OHA-approved patient centered primary care homes are included in the provider directory. To isolate these clinics, search:

  1. "Find a service or place"
  2. "See all facilities and clinics"
  3. In the "Filters" section on the left, click the box next to "OHA-approved patient centered primary care homes" (located near the bottom of the Filters column), then, "Update filters." 

Tip: You can create a PDF of your results by clicking on the "PDF" icon (found at the top right of search results).

Your privacy

We respect the privacy of your protected health information. Your health care is a personal matter, and we are committed to protecting your confidentiality. We may share your protected health information with others as part of your treatment, to provide payment for your treatment, or during our business operations. Learn more about how we protect your health information.