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Ken S. from EOCI shares his thoughts as the first Express Care Kiosk location patient in eastern Oregon:

The phone was promptly answered by the intake staff member who gathered basic information. Within minutes, the nurse practitioner was online and the consultation began, lasting approximately 20 minutes. Prescriptions were issued and ready for pick up at a local pharmacy at 5 p.m.

Summary of the session was sent to the designated email address before close of business yesterday.

The video and audio quality were excellent, with no transmission problems on either end. The NP was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

I would encourage others to utilize this service.

“Toe-tally easy” from Lou Savage

I have become a big fan of Express Care Virtual. If you have been to the L&I basement in the last month, you have seen the room just off the elevators reserved for Express Care Virtual. Inside the room is a comfortable chair and monitor. When I first heard about Express Care Virtual coming to the building I was skeptical. Would this be of any value, or was it just an opportunity for a health insurer to do some marketing?

When I have a health issue that is not pressing I tend to put it off. It's just too much of a hassle to schedule the appointment and take time off work. Because I live in Portland, it's an even bigger hassle. So, when I developed an ugly (and I mean ugly!) infection on my toenail, I kept putting off making an appointment to see my health care provider. Last week, when I was coming back from a meeting, I walked by the Express Care Virtual office and saw the phone number. I decided to call about an appointment. Although I had been told it was possible to talk to someone the same day, I expected to get an appointment in a day or two. When I called – standing outside the room – I was asked if I was available then. So, I went in and closed the door.

I'm still amazed at the technology that is available. The screen lit up, and in less than a minute I was talking face to face with a nurse practitioner. I told her about the home remedies I had been using and how long I had the infection. And then I jokingly said, "Do you want to see my toe?"


So, off came the shoe and sock. It took about a minute to get my toe in front of the monitor. I'm sure it would have made a great YouTube video. After getting a bird's eye view of my toe, the NP told me that I needed a prescription if I really wanted this to go away. Although she could have written the prescription for me right then, I needed to check whether my annual physical had included certain blood work. But I came away with a diagnosis and some clear direction about my problem.

Express Care Virtual clearly has limits, examination and otherwise (don't worry, the door locks!). But for routine medical issues, I encourage you to try this great service.

Fast and friendly from Becky V.:

The service was fast; I was able to call for an appointment and see the nurse practitioner within 24 hours. She diagnosed and advised me – the whole thing took less than 15 minutes. She was pleasant, friendly, had good eye contact and a lot of treatment suggestions.

I liked the quick access, the privacy, and most of all, it prevented me from having to take time off work. I was able to accomplish this easily on my break because of the handy location to my work site. Without this service, I would have had to take time off work, drive almost seven miles to my doctor’s office, and wait. It also saved me fuel costs.”