Following are some commonly asked questions and their answers about PEBB's Health Engagement Model.

Q. What do I have to do as a Health Engagement Model participant?

A. PEBB asks HEM participants to take two steps this year:

  1. You must complete a confidential, online personal health assessment. Access it on myProvidence if you haven't already.
  2. If you enrolled in HEM during PEBB’s open enrollment and completed your personal health assessment, get engaged in two health-improvement activities. Activity possibilities are nearly limitless:

Q. What is the personal health assessment?

A. A personal health assessment is a confidential online health survey. The personal health assessment, available on myProvidence, asks questions about your health and lifestyle. After you complete the assessment, you'll receive a personal and informative summary report about your health status. Included in the report is a personal action plan for maintaining or improving your good health and minimizing any potential health concerns.

Q. What is Providence Health Plan's role in the Health Engagement Model?

A. Providence Health Plan administers the health plans that PEBB designs. Providence partners with PEBB to provide wellness tools, educational resources and support necessary for you to participate in the Health Engagement Model.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Everything you need to succeed in the Health Engagement Model can be accessed through myProvidence, a secure online member website. Visit myProvidence to log in to your account or register to create an account.

If you don't already have a myProvidence account but need to complete the personal health assessment, create an account by visiting myProvidence. Under the "Create an account" section, select the blue "Register" button. On the registration form, complete the required fields.

If you already have a myProvidence account, enter your user name and password. Your user name is the same email address or unique identifier you used to create your account. If you can't remember your login information, we can help you find your account. Click on the "Forgot your user name" or "Forgot your password?" link and follow the prompts.

Q: I'm not a Providence Health Plan member, but I am using myProvidence to take the personal health assessment. Are there steps I need to take?

A. Yes. Register for a myProvidence account by visiting myProvidence.com and select the blue "Register" button. On the Registration Form, check the second box next to "I have a special access code." Contact your PEBB Member Services if you require an access code. 

Q. What if I don't have an email address to register for a myProvidence account?

A. Free email addresses are available. If you need an email address, request an email account from a service such as Google (Gmail) or Yahoo. They are available at no cost to you.

Q. Once I'm logged into myProvidence, how do I access the personal health assessment?

A. On the green Personal Health Assessment banner, select the blue "Go now" button. Or, on the left, select the Personal Health Assessment link.

Q. Whom can I contact if I require technical assistance?

A. Call the myProvidence Help Desk at 877-569-7768 (877-5MY-PROV). The Help Desk is open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. on Sunday. If you prefer, email the myProvidence Help Desk at MyProvidenceCustomerSupport@providence.org.

Q. I took the personal health assessment last year, do I need to re-take it? If so, when can I access it again?

A. Yes. If you are an existing PEBB member and you want to participate in HEM this year, you'll need to complete the personal health assessment again. Access the personal health assessment in your myProvidence account.

Q. Who needs to complete the personal health assessment for HEM?

A. Principal subscribers (employees) who enrolled in HEM must complete the personal health assessment. Spouses or domestic partners, dependent children, COBRA enrollees and retirees are not required to complete the assessment.

Q. Is there an easy way to know if I completed the personal health assessment?

A. Yes. After logging into your myProvidence account, if you see the green Personal Health Assessment banner, you have not completed the personal health assessment. If you see a purple banner, you have successfully completed the assessment. It is a good idea to double-check and print your completion certificate for your records by Oct. 31.

Q. How do I print my completion certificate after I've completed the personal health assessment?

A. Log into your myProvidence account. On the purple banner, select the “View Now” button. You’ll be taken to the first page of the PHA. Your status should display 100% complete. Click the “Jump to Section” drop down box and select the Personal Health Assessment report. On the right side of your screen, click the View and Print Options and select “Certificate of completion; then select “View/Print.”

Q. How long does it take to complete the personal health assessment?

A. The personal health assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. You can take it all at once, or you can save your answers in progress and return to the assessment at a later time. Just be sure to click "Next" after answering questions in Section 11 – the Biometrics page. After selecting Next on this page, you’ll be taken to the PHA certificate of completion. Print your completion certificate for your records.

Q. How are my health assessment answers used?

A. Your answers are used to create a your personal health profile. The profile indicates primary health risks. To view your health risks, select the Identify Primary Risks button at the bottom of your Certificate of Completion. Selecting the Identify Primary Risks button takes you to a screen that asks if you’d like to participate in Health Coaching.

Q. Does anyone see my personal health assessment answers?

A. Individual results are for you and you alone, unless you decide to share them. The final question on the assessment asks if you would like to share your information with your provider or a Providence representative, including a Providence Health Plan nurse care manager or a health coach to support you on your lifestyle journey. If you are a Providence Health Plan member and you agree to join, a Providence representative may contact you to participate at no additional cost to you. If you answer no, neither Providence Health Plan nor your provider will receive health information that identifies you. Neither PEBB nor your employer ever sees identifiable, individual results. Please note, however, that you may be contacted by a nurse care manager as a result of your claims' information, not connected to your health assessment answers.

Q. If I answered "yes" to the final question indicating I will share my personal health assessment information, can I change my mind later?

A. Yes. You can change your mind at any time. If you change your mind later about whether to allow Providence Health & Services/Providence Health Plan to review your personal health assessment, please write to us at P.O. Box 4327, c/o PHP Customer Service, Portland OR 97208-4327. In your letter, please include your full name, member ID number and date of birth. If you are a Providence Health Plan member, you may be contacted by a Providence care manager based on your claims information. If so, this outreach is not related to your health assessment responses.

Q. What does PEBB receive from my participation in the personal health assessment?

A. PEBB never sees identifiable, individual results. PEBB will receive a de-identified cumulative report from Providence Health Plan. The report includes the results of everyone together, with no identification of individuals by name or answers. The report includes collective information about the overall health of PEBB's total population.

Q. What happens to my personal health assessment answers?

A. Providence Health Plan contracts with Cerner, who designs leading-edge health information technology, to offer the personal health assessment. Providence receives personal health assessment answers from Cerner and the data is stored in our secure Information Services department. Cerner also retains data for as long as Providence remains a client.

Q. Can I complete a paper copy of the health assessment?

A. Paper copies of the health assessment are not available as part of PEBB's Health Engagement Model due to the high cost and program privacy concerns. PEBB can help you access a computer to complete the Health Engagement Model requirement. If you work for a large agency or university, contact your agency's human resource department to see what arrangements they have established. You also may be able to access a computer either at a public library or at a friend or family member's home.

Q. Can I change my responses after I complete my health assessment?

A. Yes. You can update your answers at any time. This will not affect your completion status. In the reporting area, you’ll see the additional dates that you accessed the assessment.

Q. Do I need to complete any other steps to be successful in HEM?

A. Yes. PEBB asks that you participate in two health-improvement actions. The activity list is nearly limitless. Ideas include yoga, ride a bike, hike with your family, garden, run, jump, skip, use your health plan's online tools, dance, quit using tobacco. You get the idea – there's so much to do. Make it fun and life changing. It's for you; PEBB is not requiring that you document your activity.

Q. As a Health Engagement Model participant, what are the benefits to me?

A. There are two main benefits of HEM participation. The first benefit is knowledge. You benefit by knowing more about your current health status and possible health risks. You also benefit financially – the second benefit. If you complete your health assessment by the deadline set by PEBB, you receive a monthly financial incentive plus you'll have a lower health plan deductible. By not signing up or completing the personal health assessment on time, you will:

  1. Have an additional deductible to your health plan – that's in addition to the plan's standard deductible.
  2. Not receive the monthly financial incentive

Q. What if my health doesn't improve even though I chose to participate in HEM? Does PEBB - or any future employers - penalize me or deny my medical coverage?

A. No. You will not be penalized nor will you lose coverage if your health numbers don't change. There are no benefit penalties and no risk to your employment based on your participation in the Health Engagement Model.

The goals of the Health Engagement Model are to help you learn about your health and hopefully become healthier. We encourage you to commit to your health: understand it, set goals to improve it and take action. We all benefit with a healthier PEBB population.

Q. What are some additional health-improvement resources?

A. Whether or not you participate in HEM, there are a number of resources that can help improve your health, and they're easy to use:

  1. myProvidence
    myProvidence can be more than just your gateway to the HEM personal health assessment. Visit myProvidence and begin exploring all the ways it can help you manage and improve your health. You can take steps – every day – to improve your health – whatever healthy looks like to you. From keeping a log of all your office visits to creating an inventory of your medical history to developing a health improvement plan and tracking your progress, myProvidence is your secure health management tool. It's easy to use and can be the health-engagement tool you look forward to using.
  2. Workshops in Wellness Central, the wellness hub found in myProvidence
  3. Tobacco cessation
    Live free and breathe easy this year by taking advantage of these tobacco-cessation resources:
    • The Tobacco Quit Line. Call 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669)
    • Quit For Life®. Call 866-QUIT-4LIFE (866-784-8454)
    • Smoking cessation classes 
    • Call the Providence Resource Line at 800-562-8964
  4. Manage stress
    Get a handle on work/life stress, mental health, or physical health. Call 800-433-2320.
  5. Discounts on fitness, wellness and family activities.
    Check out the discounts ranging from recreational activities, alternative care, vision and hearing aids.
  6. For additional ideas, visit PEBB's dedicated HEM site.