Welcome, PEBB Providence Choice plan members

As a PEBB Providence Choice plan member, you can count on quality, compassionate and coordinated care from a team of providers you know and trust. Providence Choice is a medical home plan* which means your medical home team coordinates your care, including referrals when needed. If you choose, you can receive care not provided or coordinated by your medical home care team, but with higher out-of-pocket costs.

*To receive in-network benefits and low copayments for most covered services, be sure to tell Providence which medical home you’ve selected for each enrolled member, before care is received.

Advantages of the Providence Choice plan:

  • Access to the Providence Choice Network, with your choice of approximately 410 medical homes*
  • In-network copayments provide predictability of out-of-pocket costs
  • The low-cost plan option in most Oregon counties
  • Massage therapy
  • Any amount paid toward your plan deductible in Oct., Nov. and/or Dec. 2020 is applied to your 2021 Providence plan deductible

Your privacy

We respect the privacy of your protected health information. Your health care is a personal matter, and we are committed to protecting your confidentiality. We may share your protected health information with others as part of your treatment, to provide payment for your treatment, or during our business operations. Learn more about how we protect your health information.