What is Health Share of Oregon?

Health Share of Oregon is a new way of providing health care. The counties of Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas have joined together to focus on your health. The Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) will combine your physical, mental and eventually dental care to be managed by one plan. This will take the place of having separate physical health (example: PHA, CareOregon), mental health (by county) and dental health (example: ODS, Capitol) plans. The CCO will let us improve your health while keeping costs down. It is a good situation for everyone.

Your providers will not change. You will see the same primary care provider (PCP) as you always have, and still have the freedom to change if you need. Now, your PCP will be a part of a team of doctors and specialists focused on your health. Health Share will focus on preventative care; finding and treating problems before they become chronic issues.

Providence Health Assurance (PHA) is excited to be part of Health Share of Oregon. There are many other organizations in the area that are now a part of Health Share as well. The customer service teams at Health Share and PHA are ready to answer your questions. Health Share has regular meetings that they encourage members to attend called the Community Advisory Council. These meetings are open to the public and give you a chance to voice your opinion.

What is changing?

  • You will receive a new member ID card from Health Share. It will have your physical and mental health providers on it and their contact information.
  • You will receive a new member handbook from Health Share. It will explain your benefits and how they work.
  • You will be considered a Health Share/Providence member. This does not mean you are managed by a new plan or benefits, just the name is changing.
  • Most people on fee-for-service will move onto a plan like PHA. For a list of those who are not required to move onto a plan, see the Health Share website.

What is not changing?

  • Benefits (plus and standard), providers (primary care and specialists), and case managers who have been working with you through PHA will all stay the same.
  • Basically everything is staying the same, but you are now part of a bigger health system to help improve access to health care.

What other health organizations are part of Health Share?

  • Adventist Health
  • CareOregon
  • Central City Concern
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Legacy Health
  • Multnomah County
  • Oregon Health

For more information visit the Health Share of Oregon website or follow Health Share on Twitter @HealthShareOR.