Medicare Part C: Medicare Advantage plans

Also known as Medicare Advantage Plans, Part C is an alternative to Part A and Part B and is provided by private health insurance companies (like Providence) who are approved by Medicare. Part C covers all the benefits you receive with Part A and Part B and may offer additional benefits such as dental care, gym memberships, vision care and prescription coverage (Part D). If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), you will still have Original Medicare but will get your Part A and Part B coverage from your Medicare Advantage Plans provider with the exception of hospice care, which will still be provided through Part B. You must also continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium.

What it costs

  • Monthly premiums, annual deductibles and costs for services (co-pays and co-insurance) vary by health insurance provider and the plan you choose.
  • You will also continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium even if you choose Part C through a private health insurance provider.

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