Premium payment options

There are three ways you can make your monthly premium payment:

  1. Pay online
    You can pay online by credit, debit card (Visa or MasterCard only), checking, or savings account.

    One-time or recurring payments can be made via your myProvidence account found at or Please contact Customer Service for more information about this payment option.

  2. By mail
    Receive a monthly invoice and return the payment coupon with a check or money order.

    If you select this option, you will get a statement around the 10th of each month for the next month's premium. Payments are due the first of each month. Payments received after the 10th of each month are considered late. If your payment is late you might receive a notice letting you know your account needs to be current by the end of our 90-day grace period to keep your coverage.

  3. By phone
    You can pay by phone - Self Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-888-821-2097 (TTY users call 711).

  4. Social Security (SSA)/Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) withdrawal
    You can elect to have your premium automatically withheld from your Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefit check each month.

    Please note this option can take up to three months to set up. This delay allows the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) time to communicate with the SSA or RRB and set up this method of payment.

    It is also important to note, that SSA or RRB withholds the current month's premium from the previous month's benefit check. For example, if SSA premium withhold is set to begin June 1, you will see June's premium withheld from your May Social Security check. You would still need to pay us directly for May's premium. You will continue to receive monthly premium invoices until the premium withhold is effective. Please be sure to keep your account current until the premium withhold begins.