Providence health coaching

Whether you’d like to increase your activity level, reduce stress, improve your eating habits, lose weight, quit tobacco or just feel better every day, a Providence health coach can help. We’re here to remove barriers, support your efforts, motivate you when you need a nudge and be a resource on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

The Providence health coaching program provides:

  • 12 telephonic one-on-one health coaching sessions per year at no cost to eligible members
  • Personalized goal setting with manageable steps 
  • Programs designed to empower you to lose weight, improve your diet, manage stress, exercise or stop using tobacco 
  • Guidance to help you identify and take action toward healthier lifestyle and behavior choices
  • Diabetes prevention, education and support 

For more information on the Providence Health Coaching Program, members can call 888-819-8999 or 503-574-6000 (TTY: 711) to get started or sign up here. You can also get connected to health and wellness resources.

Health coaching is available to most Medicare members. Contact the plan for more information.