Standard plans

Benefits for Standard plans are defined by the state of Oregon. Our Standard plans do not include out-of-network benefits. The Bronze plan is HSA qualified. The provider network depends on the county in which you live.

Standard plans offer:

  • Copays starting as low as $10 and deductibles as low as $1,000
  • A deductible that applies to the out-of-pocket maximum
  • Two networks, depending in the county where you live: Providence Signature Network and Providence Choice Network
    • Access to specialists via referral from the medical home for Standard plans on the Choice network. No referral needed for Standard plans on the Signature Network.
    • No out-of-network benefits are included with this plan. You must use an in-network provider to receive benefits
  • The option to add dental coverage with the Providence Progressive Dental plan, as long as you buy a Standard plan directly from Providence or through a producer

To note: Standard plans do not cover chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, adult routine vision exams, adult vision hardware or pediatric dental services.

Benefit summaries

View the plan details for all Standard plan options:

Cost-sharing ranges

PCP Copay*  $0 - $40 
Coinsurance 0% - 30%
OOP Maximum $6,850 - $13,700
Deductible $1,000 - $13,100
Rx Generic Copay* $0 - $15
Rx Preferred Brand Gold plan: $30 copay*
Silver plan: $60 copay*
Bronze plan: Covered in full after deductible is paid
Rx Specialty Gold** and Silver plans: 50% coinsurance*
Bronze plan: Covered in full after deductible is paid

* Deductible waived
** $500 per script cap