Choice plans

Choice plans utilize a medical home model that provides a team of health professionals dedicated to your overall well-being. Members select a medical home from the Providence Choice Network. The medical home team then works collaboratively to support all aspects of your health, from wellness and prevention to active management of chronic conditions. Choice plans offer:

  • More than 275 medical home clinics in Oregon and southwest Washington
  • Access to specialists and facilities via referral from the medical home in order to receive coverage at the in-network level
  • Deductibles waived in-network on the Silver plan for doctor and specialist visits, urgent care, lab and X-ray services, chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture, and generic drugs
  • Deductible waived on the Silver plan for covered services needed to treat an accidental injury within 90 days of injury
  • Pediatric dental coverage and optional family dental coverage
  • Adult vision coverage (exams and hardware)

Benefit summaries

View the plan details for these two Choice plan options.

Cost-sharing ranges for in-network benefits

PPP Copay*  $25 - $50 
Coinsurance 30% - 50%
OOP Maximum $7,150
Deductible $2,500 - $14,300
Rx Preferred Generic Copay* $20 - $30
Rx Preferred Brand Silver plan: $75 copay*
Bronze plan: Covered in full after deductible is paid
Rx Specialty Silver plan: 50%
Bronze plan: Covered in full after the deductible is paid

* Deductible waived