Compare health plans

Open enrollment for 2017 plans is now closed. To apply for 2017 medical and dental coverage or to make a change to your current plan, you must qualify for special enrollment. For more information, visit the special enrollment page.

Contact your insurance producer to get help choosing a plan.

  Plans available directly from Providence or your producer Exchange plans available from the Marketplace at
Balance 2500 Silver X X
Balance 7150 Bronze X X
Choice 2500 Silver X X
Choice 7150 Bronze X X
Connect 2500 Silver X X
Connect 7150 Bronze X X
Providence Oregon Standard Gold Plan X X
Providence Oregon Standard Silver Plan X X
Providence Oregon Standard Bronze Plan X X
HSA Qualified 2800 Silver
HSA Qualified 6000 Bronze
Providence Progressive Dental Plan  X  

Your lifestyle, your plan

Choose a 2017 health plan that best fits your life and your health. You’ll find robust benefits and extensive provider choices, plans with different levels of annual deductibles, and HSA-qualified plans that let you save tax-free dollars for future medical expenses. Two plan types are centered on a unique care model called a medical home that lets you choose a primary care clinic near you with a team to coordinate your care.

Alternative care options

If you prefer to see a naturopath or other alternative care provider for covered benefits, including periodic exams and well-baby care, those services are covered at the same rate as they would be for a primary care physician as long as the provider is licensed to perform the service provided.

The Balance, Choice and Connect plans cover chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture with a $25 copay when you visit an in-network provider.

Flexibility to change plans

We get it. Life throws curve balls that can change your financial situation. When you buy directly from Providence, you can switch to a plan with a lower premium once during the contract year. If you buy your plan through the marketplace, any changes in plans throughout the year are subject to approval by the marketplace.

Dental coverage for you and your family

You can add dental coverage to any Providence medical plan you buy directly from Providence Health Plan or through an insurance producer. The Providence Progressive Dental plan gives you access to more than 2,300 in-network dental provider listings in Oregon and southwest Washington and more than 270,000 in-network provider listings nationwide. The dental plan provides comprehensive benefits with coverage for preventive care such as X-rays and cleanings as well as basic and major services such as extractions, crowns and dentures. This option is not available if you purchase your Providence medical plan in the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace.