Get started with workforce wellness


Workforce wellness is focused on promoting health at your workplace and improving the well-being of employees.

As health care costs continue to rise, workforce wellness is becoming more necessity than luxury. Learn why good health makes smart business sense. And, find out what legal issues you should consider when implementing a wellness program. 

Whether you’re looking for an economical, turnkey program or you want to sponsor a robust campaign with dedicated resources, we can help. We’ve got several options to keep employees – and the bottom line – healthy.

Customizable solutions

Health management consultants

consultants iconPartner with one of our health management consultants to achieve your organization’s wellness goals. We can customize health solutions to meet your needs or direct you to resources for launching readymade challenges. This service is free to eligible groups. Learn more about how we can help

Design a wellness program

design icon For employers who are not eligible to meet with a health management consultant, we’ll guide you step by step and help you create your own wellness program. It’s not as overwhelming as it sounds. Get started today 

Off-the-shelf solutions

Wellness resources

resources iconSometimes promoting a healthy lifestyle is as simple as building awareness of resources. Once employees know what services and tools are available, they can make good decisions to support their health and well-being. Check out our list of value-added resources that range from health coaching to wellness discounts

Healthy campaigns and challenges

campaigns iconLaunching your own wellness campaign isn’t always feasible (though we truly try to make it easy). If you don’t have the means to tailor a wellness program to your workforce, we’ve got resources that address popular topics such as physical activity, nutrition and weight management. Just download a flier and begin promoting a healthy campaign or challenge around the workplace. Review the list