Find support at work to help you maintain a healthy weight

Exercising women

Watching your weight at work can be tricky. Most of us sit all day long. Some of us may work in a place where homemade treats or catered meals are ubiquitous — and therefore, all the more tempting. And some of us may find ourselves in the not-so-healthy habit of eating out more than we eat in (read: not packing a healthy lunch). So, what to do about these challenges if you're trying to stay trim?

Educate yourself and find the support that works for you.

What are your options?

Partner with a health coach. With the help of a coach, you can establish short- and long-term goals; learn how to eat healthy and manage your food triggers; track your food intake and progress over time; and measure your success. Some coaching programs have online tracking tools so that you can stay plugged in throughout the work day. To explore your coaching options, log in to your myProvidence account.

Consult with a dietitian. Providence has amazing professionals who can help guide on the path to making healthier food and lifestyle choices. Filling out a simple form can connect you with the right resources for what you need and want. You can also check out Providence Nutrition Services for locations and appointments.

Take a class. We also offer classes to help you get — and stay — on track. Our classes tackle emotional eating and achieving a healthy weight. Take what you learn in these classes and apply it at home and in the workplace. Many Providence Health & Services classes are offered at deep discounts to Providence Health Plan members, so check out our full offering of health and wellness classes.

Enroll in a weight-loss program. If a weight-loss program appeals to you, find one with an approach that matches your lifestyle and personal preferences. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with LifeBalance (remember, registration is free and open to all Providence Health Plan members), you have access to discounted weight management programs, including Jenny Craig.

Join a gym. Work by a gym? With a gym membership, you can take a break at lunch to de-stress and reenergize in between meetings or projects. As a Providence Health Plan member you get access to great gym membership discounts.