You can take care of yourself at work, too

Your health needs don't stop, just because you're at work. It's a balancing act, scheduling and keeping appointments for yourself, your children and your loved ones; remembering to take any prescribed medications while at work; honoring dietary restrictions.

Maybe you've just decided to quit smoking, but aren't sure how you'll make it through the work day — a huge trigger for you. Or maybe you've recently retooled your diet, but you're not sure you're up to doing daily battle with all the temptations lurking on desks and in break rooms. Or maybe you've recently been diagnosed with a chronic condition, and you're not sure what to expect in terms of how you'll feel or the treatment you'll need throughout the day. Perhaps, too, you are helping take care of a loved one who is struggling with illness.

We have people who can help. From our care management team of nurses to our personal health coaches, amazing customer service representatives and tobacco cessation quit counselors, we can help you find or get what you need to feel your best. Depending on your primary care provider, you even may be able to email your provider regarding your health concerns.