Tips to help you quit smoking

If you smoke, it is never too late to quit. Even if you have smoked for many years, quitting today will lower your chances of having heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema and other breathing problems.

Self-Help Tips

When you have made a commitment to yourself to quit smoking, there are things you can do to help keep your commitment:

  • Set a quit date.
  • Throw your cigarettes away.
  • Get support from your family and friends.
  • Avoid surroundings where smoking is present, for example bars or a smoker's vehicle.
  • Start an exercise program. Becoming more fit can naturally counteract the desire for nicotine.
  • Take on new activities to replace the activities planned around your smoking patterns.


In addition to the above self-help tips, you may find it worthwhile to check out our other stop smoking resources.

Eliminate your smoking habit for good!

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