Periodic health exams help keep you in the game

Periodic health exams are recommended for babies, children and adolescents, and adults. They’re good for you and your pocketbook. That’s because periodic health exams (also known as wellness exams) are covered in full when provided by an in-network provider or medical home.

Your provider will decide what tests you need, based on your medical history and health. 

Recommended guidelines for frequency of periodic health exams:

  • Infants (birth to 30 months old): Up to 12 well-baby visits
  • Children and adolescents (ages 3-21 years): One exam every year
  • Adults: 
    • 22 through 29 years: One exam every five years
    • 30 through 49 years: One exam every two years 
    • 50 years and more: One exam every year 

See a list of all preventive health care services. Many of these services – including routine immunizations, mammograms, gynecological exams, Pap tests, colonoscopy (age 50+) and tobacco cessation – are covered in full when appropriate, and when care is received from an in-network provider.

Refer to your member materials for specific benefit coverage information.