Soda and juice drinkers beware: Your enamel is at risk

Think before you drink! Soft drinks are the most significant factor in the severity of dental erosion, according to a study published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry.

Dental erosion is when enamel, the hard and protective coating of the tooth, wears away due to exposure to acid. This can create problems such as tooth discoloration, pain, and severe sensitivity.

When we drink something acidic, the enamel on the tooth becomes softer, and loses mineral content. However, this acidity is cancelled out by saliva, which slowly restores the natural balance within the mouth. Still, the surface of the teeth can wear away when people consume too much acid without giving the teeth enough time to repair between drinks.

The big culprits of dental erosion include sodas (diet and regular), sports drinks, and fruit juices. If you’re worried about the enamel of your teeth:

  • Reduce the consumption of acidic drinks from your diet.
  • Replace acidic drinks with water.

Water is good for your oral health, and your overall health as well.