Eight weeks to better health

"Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women throughout the world, but it turns out, you control about 80 percent of your risk," says James Beckerman, M.D., cardiologist with Providence Heart and Vascular Institute.

In his new book, "Heart to Start: The Eight-Week Exercise Prescription to Live Longer, Beat Heart Disease and Run Your Best Race,"  Dr. Beckerman explains how to get you on your feet and add years to your life. Through inspiring personal stories, scientific facts and easy-to-follow tips, the book leads readers through a simple eight-week exercise program that will help transform their health and create a more active lifestyle.

The book includes self-assessments to help readers measure their fitness levels and track their progress as they work their way through the week-by-week schedule of simple aerobic and resistance workouts.

Throughout their journey, readers can share details or get advice from others through the Heart to Start community. People who "like" Heart to Start on Facebook will receive regular, heart-healthy lifestyle tips.   

This is Dr. Beckerman’s second book. His previous title, "The Flex Diet," attracted national attention and was featured on NBC’s Today Show. "Heart to Start" is now available as a paperback and for Kindle on Amazon.com.